What's it worth?

That painting you found in your parents’ attic. The phonograph you picked up at an antique store last summer. Find out what they’re worth. AuctionZip and Mearto have partnered to bring you easy, fast valuations of art, antiques and collectibles. Simply create an account with Mearto to be connected with specialists across dozens of categories.


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Follow the links on this page to create an account with Mearto.

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Answer a few simple questions about the item's history and condition, plus submit photos so Mearto's experts can get to work.

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Or, hear back from an expert in just 24 hours – expedited appraisals are available for $25.


What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is an expert assessment of the value of an object. Understanding this information is important if you are hoping to sell something, or just want to know more about the stuff you own.

Why is AuctionZip partnering with Mearto?

Many of our users have asked for the best place to get their items appraised or sold. AuctionZip is not licensed to appraise or sell items directly, but through our partnership with Mearto we are pleased to offer a transparent, online appraisal service trusted by experts across the globe. Mearto offers no obligation appraisals. You choose how to move forward after receiving your valuation.

What types of items can be appraised?

Mearto’s experts can appraise all types of items, including furniture, jewelry, collectibles and decorative art. No matter how obscure your object is, their specialists have years of experience and will do their best to find out as much information as possible.

How can I consign my items?

Receiving a valuation from Mearto is the first step toward consigning your items. If you are ready to find a seller you can find a list of our active auctioneers in our Auctioneer Directory and can search for someone near you. To contact an auction house, click their company name to view their auctioneer profile page where you can find a phone number and/or email address for the auctioneer.

How much does it cost to get my item appraised by Mearto?

Appraisals cost $17 per item, and take 48 hours to complete. Expedited appraisals are available for $25 per item.